Why PursueIt Boutique

Dear Fashionista,

It is my pleasure to invite you to experience PursueIt Boutique! Our mission is to cater to fashion conscious women who are busy with everyday life and lack the time to shop for their favorite brands at affordable prices. We specialize in new and gently-used items by the biggest fashion designers. In other words, we help you pursue fashion for less!

You know that feeling you get when you have on the right outfit and everything feels right? Well, PursueIt Boutique delivers that feeling, and we like to call it “style euphoria!” Let’s face it. A well-dressed you means a more flyerconfident you! So let’s get started!

We are excited to announce that our PursueIt Boutique website now features a shopping marketplace where fashionistas can buy and sell their fashion finds! Visit PursueItBoutique.com to learn more about we have have transformed your shopping experience into one that’s fun, fabulous and profitable!

Yours in fashion,

Lenora Blackamore

Founder of PursueIt Boutique

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